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The assumed prerequisites for entering the AP Computer Science A course include knowledge of basic English and algebra. A student in the AP Computer Science A course should be comfortable with functions and the concepts found in the uses of function notation, such as f(x) = x + 2 and f(x) = g(h(x)).
Edhesive students consistently beat AP national averages. Loved by Teachers. With Edhesive, teachers can spend more personalized time with their students. Easy Implementation. Teachers and student can get started same-day. Flexible Pricing. Pricing is simple and sustainable based on the number of students and/or courses. v Welcome Letter from the College Board Dear AP® Teacher: Whether you are a new AP teacher, using this AP Teacher’s Guide to assist in developing a syllabus for the

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How will we learn it? Learning Activities: Review classroom procedures. Review class syllabus. Add students to Edhesive. How will we tell if we’re learning it correctly? Khan Academy AP Computer Science Principles - This review course includes 600+ practice questions, plus instructional articles and videos covering the topics of computers, the Internet, programming, algorithms, and data analysis.

1. A customer on Amazon is purchasing five items. Design a program that asks for the price of each item, and then displays the subtotal of the sale, the discount if they get one, the price after discount, the tax, and the final total.
Unit 15 - A.P. Review (2-3 weeks) There is a cost of ~$84 to take the AP Computer Science Exam. Students choose whether to take the exam or not, however the entire class will take 2 weeks to review in preparation for the A.P. exam.

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Unit 3, Lesson 2 - 3: Playing cards, we recommend 1 deck per 6 students (alternative: write numbers of post-it notes) Unit 4, Lesson 8: Clear dixie cups with beans (alternatives: any clear container such as a ziplock bag, empty water bottle, etc., and/or any small item such as beads, raisins, coffee beans, etc.) Optional Materials
Sample Syllabus 1 Contents ... 6. Vocabulary Unit #2 progress check ... 5. Vocabulary test Units 1-3 (end of Week 4) Sample Activity: Play this game to review Other. What is Computer Science ? Preview this quiz on Quizizz. What is Computer Science ? Edhesive DRAFT. K - 12th grade. 27 times. Other. 69% average accuracy. 3 years ago. reggiem. 1. Save. Edit. Edit. Edhesive DRAFT. 3 years ago. by reggiem. Played 27 times. 1. K - 12th grade .